Principal S. B. Polytechnic




It is my great pleasure to be a part of S.B.Polytechnic, Savli, a place where every child matters, every faculty matters and even every staff matters and each one has an important role to play for the development of the Institute.

With the vision that every student will be a future efficient engineer, the Institute arranges a variety of activities and programmes like expert lectures, Industrial visits, involvements in Industrial fares like VCCI, the SPARK - a college cultural and sports programme etc. to sharpen the skills and to develop abilities while stretching the student's potential to excel.

Our sincere and dedicated faculties are very keen to share their knowledge and experience with students, to make them a star in a remote place like Savli and also eager to interact with parents. Apart from this, we are open to go out of the University Syllabus & we try to teach the students, for which eminent Industrialists like you are very much invited to lift the students.

At this point, let me involve myself with the K J Campus management which supports me with hand to hand & shoulder to shoulder on the difficult path assigned.

We will be thankful to you to be amongst us for sharing the slogan:

There is no shortcut to success hence,

“Work Hard, Work Harder”,

With this mindset let our small stars shine in your global industrial environment and let both of you be benefitted.

Do visit our sweet campus

With warm regards,

Dipak More