The KJIT Student Activity Council (SAC) is innovated with the slogan FOR the students, OF the students, BY the students

The council provides programs, activities and services which take care of the overall recreational interests of students on campus. The SAC contributes to the total development of providing a learning experience teamed with fun for developing skills, values, leadership and management.

With several activities taking place through the SAC, KJIT is helping students imbibe the diverse social and cultural experiences enriching their lives through various such opportunities. Co-curricular activities give students a chance to have a once in a lifetime engaging college experience, establishing a greater and deeper connection with their classmates, faculty and institute.

The KJIT Students Activity Council is divided into:

  • Indoor Games
  • Out Door Games
  • Cultural Activities
  • Entertainment activities
  • Technical Events
  • Annual Functions: SPARK promoting students to organize and participate extra curricular activities and events
  • College Magazine and Creative Corner
  • Celebration of festivals on campus to promote cross cultural interaction between students
  • Industry Institute Interaction Cell: This cell under the SAC helps organize all the industrial visits
  • Student Welfare Activities: Insurance provided for every student
  • Anti Ragging Committee: KJIT works towards providing a safe and secure environment to its students and thus the institute provides a completely ragging free environment to students
  • Social Service Activities: SAC constantly works towards sharing and being part of the community through various social welfare activities
  • Law and Discipline activities: KJIT gives significance to discipline on campus. With a zero tolerance policy for indiscipline and illegal behavior, the SAC makes sure that everything is in order and there are no unlawful activities taking place on campus
  • Exchange Program: The institute welcomes students of Russia, Korea, Japan and Egypt for an exchange program

Study Tours
Technical Events
Annual Functions
Social Service
Law & Discipline
Expert Lectures
Industrial Visits