The Trust

Jayka Jansahayak Trust is a charitable trust registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act 1950. It was founded and is managed by a group of prominent academicians and eminent personalities from various walks of life. The main objective of the trust is to provide highly-skilled engineers to industrial units operating in rural areas.

It seeks to achieve its aim by offering modern curricula, world-class infrastructure and appointing experienced faculty. The trust is in the process to open two institutes namely, KJ Institute of Engineering & Technology and S B Polytechnic.


Shri B J Pandya

Message from Chairman

Dear Students,

Congratulation for clearing your board exams. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate your decision to opt engineering as your career. India is becoming a manufacturing hub of the world and It will need lot of skilled people like engineers to fulfill the world demand. Engineering has been always in demand and it will remain so.

The only important thing is now for you is, selection of your college. Be smart, be wise and sensible in selecting the college. In today's competitive world, colleges should give more than proper education to the students.

At KJIT our attempt has been to reduce the industry-education gap. We have been working on the mantra "Identify-Assess-Implement". With that in focus, the training of our students has not only been limited to the set curriculum but to the current best practices and innovations being implemented in the field of engineering.

Recent trends indicate that education alone is insufficient to provide students with the relevant knowledge. Education needs to be complemented with qualified educators and well developed set of extra-curricular activities. This is how KJIT tries to provide an enriching hybrid experience to help students developed themselves into bright engineers.

We eagerly look forward to your valued presence and interaction in our campus.

B. J.Pandya


The running of trust requires objective mindset and non-partisan outlook and views. The management team of the trust exemplifies these qualities. Under the able leadership of the team, the trust has scaled new heights and will continue to do so in the future as well. Below is the brief profile of the team.